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We are striving to be your next Electrical Contractor, to be your last, to be our best.

From design to build, each new project presents its own characteristics and challenges that bring opportunity to push the limits creatively and mechanically. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship and respect one can offer. With a wide variety of knowledge of the electrical trade, we can and will accomplish any job big or small.

We believe that being an electrical contractor is more than just wiring. It is about customer relations. Assuring every client receives the highest quality workmanship, and is treated with the utmost respect.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Telecom
  • Specialty
  • Maintenance & Service

Steven M. Parker Electric is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide the service you, your family, or company may need. Offering services as far as designing the project, and creating working drawings, to building the project to your specifications. You can feel ensured that you have hired the right electrical contractor for your projects.

Steven M. Parker Electric will help you make valuable decisions when it comes to the planning and design of your project. Offering advice, and assistance with the electrical project at hand. We will work with you to make sure that you are left with exactly what you expected.

  • New Construction
  • Design Build
  • Remodeling
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Consultation
  • Design Drawings
  • Fire Alarm
  • Tel/Data
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Emergency Systems & Generators
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Lighting, Recessed Cans, LEDs
  • Switches, Dimmers
  • Outlets, Receptacles, Plugs
  • Lightning Protection
  • Sound Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Service Upgrades, Panel Upgrades, Meter Sockets
  • Projects Range From $100.00 - $1M

Do you feel like you may need a Service Upgrade? Is your Service only 60 Amps, even 100 Amps? Do your lights dim? Breakers trip? Do you have insufficient space in your panel? Before adding an addition, or remodeling your home, it may be a good idea to have your Electrical Service looked at by a qualified electrician. Now most people would rather spend the money on a new kitchen, family room, game room, or any other room for that matter, I would too. But when you invest in your home with an addition or remodel and your service can’t handle the new demand, how good is the investment? The recessed cans, big screen TV, dishwasher, disposal, laundry equipment sure look and work great, just as long as you don’t use them all at once. Safety is the next concern. A 60 Amp Service, and some old 100 Amp Services are not going to provide the amount of safety a new Service will. Your Service is what is allowing you the power you use, and the safety to follow. Without a quality Service and breakers, how much power and safety do you really have in your home? A 200 Amp Service is the recommended size nowadays, though some homes would be perfectly sufficient with a 150 Amp. A 100 Amp is the minimum to code.

* The dimming of lights are not always a sign of a needed service upgrade, but is something that should be taken seriously. A panel that is not properly balanced could create the problem or even a loose neutral wire. There are also other possibilities that could be creating the problem and should definitely be checked by a qualified electrician.

About The Owner

My name is Steven M. Parker, and I am a Master Electrician in Massachusetts. I graduated in 2004 from Whittier Regional Technical High School. Out of high school I served 7 years with Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc. and 3 of those 7 years I have also worked as a freelance electrician. Starting in 2011, I decided to take the leap into something I hope to be great. I get complete satisfaction from being able to deliver a project that brightens peoples lives day in and day out. I believe that with hard work anything can be accomplished. I have complete dedication to building this company from the ground up. I admire challenges and strive to be the best. With nearly 10 years in the electrical trade, and more years to come, I hope that together we can build something great.


What you can expect from Steven M. Parker Electric



Hard Working

Highly Motivated

Burning Desire







Safety Conscious

Our Main Goal: Do what we love by serving you with all of your electrical needs!

-Being an Electrical Contractor is a project for many, a job to others, and a career for some, but for us…It’s a way of life!


Loyal Faithful and dedicated to the job and company; demonstrates honesty and credibility.

Dependable Trustworthy and can be relied upon to work efficiently and without constant supervision, is available to others when needed. Reports to work when scheduled and arrives promptly to the office or the assigned job site.

Hardworking Goes the extra mile and is interested in completing the task correctly. Exhibits a strong work ethic.

Enthusiastic Has high level of interest and positive energy resulting in personal motivation.

Responsible Accountable for their own actions and willing to accept the outcome of any circumstances of which they were involved.

Proud Takes great satisfaction in their accomplishments and for being a part of Steven M. Parker Electric, and is reflected in their work.

Demeanor Represents the company in a professional, well-groomed manner and adheres to the company dress code on the job.

Team Player Gets along well with others and is willing to work together toward common goals.

Positive Attitude Focuses on seeking solutions, remains optimistic and wants to do a great job for the company.

Communication Is able to express ideas clearly to others in a respectful manner.

Willing to Learn Motivated to become the best in their particular area by seeking additional education and expresses the desire for knowledge of their job by asking questions and paying attention to details.

Safety Conscious Follows safety procedures and shows concern for the safety of themselves, coworkers, other trades and clients.


“ I am very happy with the work done by SMPElectric. Steve was always on time, did the work quickly, and was very professional. I will be using SMP for future projects. “

-Haverhill Fire Department Credit Union: Mr. John Hamel


Exceptional! “ We have a summer home and had no idea who to call. Took a chance and it paid off. We left a message on a Sunday and they called us back in 10 minutes. Were at our home within an hour. The service was professional, electrician knowledgable and price was beyond reasonable.”

-Stacy (See On YellowPages.Com)


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