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My name is Steven M. Parker, and I am a Master Electrician in Massachusetts. I graduated in 2004 from Whittier Regional Technical High School. Out of high school I served 7 years with Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc. and 3 of those 7 years I have also worked as a freelance electrician. Starting in 2011, I decided to take the leap into something I hope to be great. I get complete satisfaction from being able to deliver a project that brightens peoples lives day in and day out. I believe that with hard work anything can be accomplished. I have complete dedication to building this company from the ground up. I admire challenges and strive to be the best. With nearly 10 years in the electrical trade, and more years to come, I hope that together we can build something great.

Licensed & Insured

License #: MA. 21502-A

License #: MA. 12903-B

License #: NH. 13234-M

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