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Steven M. Parker Electric is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide the service you, your family, or company may need. Offering services as far as designing the project, and creating working drawings, to building the project to your specifications. You can feel ensured that you have hired the right electrical contractor for your projects.

Steven M. Parker Electric will help you make valuable decisions when it comes to the planning and design of your project. Offering advice, and assistance with the electrical project at hand. We will work with you to make sure that you are left with exactly what you expected.

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*most homeowners’s insurance policy’s will cover electrical repairs & service upgrades*

Do you feel like you may need a Service Upgrade? Is your Service only 60 Amps, even 100 Amps? Do your lights dim? Breakers trip? Do you have insufficient space in your panel? Before adding an addition, or remodeling your home, it may be a good idea to have your Electrical Service looked at by a qualified electrician. Now most people would rather spend the money on a new kitchen, family room, game room, or any other room for that matter, I would too. But when you invest in your home with an addition or remodel and your service can’t handle the new demand, how good is the investment? The recessed cans, big screen TV, dishwasher, disposal, laundry equipment sure look and work great, just as long as you don’t use them all at once. Safety is the next concern. A 60 Amp Service, and some old 100 Amp Services are not going to provide the amount of safety a new Service will. Your Service is what is allowing you the power you use, and the safety to follow. Without a quality Service and breakers, how much power and safety do you really have in your home? A 200 Amp Service is the recommended size nowadays, though some homes would be perfectly sufficient with a 150 Amp. A 100 Amp is the minimum to code.

* The dimming of lights are not always a sign of a needed service upgrade, but is something that should be taken seriously. A panel that is not properly balanced could create the problem or even a loose neutral wire. There are also other possibilities that could be creating the problem and should definitely be checked by a qualified electrician.

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